Driving Gloves: The Perfect Mix of Protection And Control

Have you ever wondered why Ryan Gosling’s character in the movie Drive wore gloves while driving? Was The Driver (Gosling’s unnamed character) making a fashion statement? Let’s find out!

Driving Gloves Protect Your Hands From Wear and Tear

Driving gloves became popular because drivers needed to protect their hands. Handling the wooden steering wheels of older cars often led to blisters, especially in the days before power-steering. The advent of driving gloves also saw the invention of the glove box.

Protecting Your Car With Driving Gloves

Cars have come a long way since the turn of the century. They’re sleeker and their interiors are fashioned from softer materials. Power-steering also makes driving a more pleasant experience. However, many people still opt for driving gloves when they get behind the wheel. Specifically, gloves protect leather-clad steering wheels from damage in classic and high-end vehicles.

Control Above All Else

Another reason people wear driving gloves is to have greater control of the powerful machine in their hands. Modern gloves are usually made of leather and have a porous, grainy palm. This design allows drivers a better grip when they are moving the steering wheel or gear shift.

Many race car drivers and sports enthusiasts wear driving gloves. You’ll also see Ryan Gosling’s character wear them during his races in Drive. Driving gloves provide absolute control and make the steering process easier.

Selecting the Right Pair

Driving gloves can be purchased at auto stores, sports stores, or other specialty stores. There are many different brands and styles available that will work for a variety of situations and preferences. All gloves serve two primary purposes: protecting your hands and helping you have better control over your vehicle.